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The House at Sea’s End

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A team of archaeologists, investigating coastal erosion on the north Norfolk coast, unearth six bodies buried at the foot of a cliff. How long have they been there? What could have happened to them? Forensics expert Ruth Galloway and DCI Nelson are drawn together again to unravel the past. Tests reveal that the bodies have lain, preserved in the sand, for sixty years. The mystery of their deaths stretches back to the Second World War, a time when Great Britain was threatened by invasion. But someone wants the truth of the past to stay buried, and will go to any lengths to keep it that way…even murder.

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  • “A melancholy setting, an eerie discovery, a lone investigator…perfect for the long winter evenings.”

    The Financial Times on The House at Sea’s End

  • “Griffiths is brilliant on the eerie landscape of the Norfolk coast.”

    The Sunday Times on The House at Sea’s End

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